Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

In spring 2023, and co-sponsored by COPL, we conducted a 50-question HQP survey which netted 172 responses from HQP. This is one of the first surveys of its kind because it was written by an ECE Professor, and it targets the STARaCom and COPL communities. The survey employs a mixed-methods approach, utilizing qualitative and quantitative questions to gather insights on self-efficacy, skills, belonging, research, and training environments. The data is currently being analyzed using statistical techniques, including exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis. Cronbach's alpha will be calculated for reliability, and hypothesis testing techniques like t-tests will be used to compare the mean values among various demographic categories. The analysis will provide valuable insights into the experiences and perceptions of HQP across various demographic groups. The data will be used to identify areas of strength and weakness, thus providing a roadmap for implanting new EDI programming.