STARaCom’s objective is to establish conditions favouring a collaborative environment based on a culture of resource sharing. This is achieved by pooling the efforts of STARaCom's researchers in order to acquire and maintain the resources required to address the next generations of ICT challenges, and by mobilizing Quebec's university and industry based ICT researchers.

In doing the above, STARaCom meets the objective of producing internationally acclaimed research that addresses significant ICT research challenges. Furthermore, optimizing the utilization of major infrastructure through seamless access to research professionals and equipment is another key objective.

Another fundamental objective is to stimulate exchange and collaboration via a collection of mechanisms including creating scientific animation through networking events, providing incentives for student co-supervision and creating an axis of the scientific program specifically dedicated to collaborative projects.

Maintaining an active dialog between Quebec's industrial ICT community and STARaCom, through an advisory body, and also by having research results transferred to end-users, in particular, industry is another important objective.

Training future generations of ICT scientific and engineering experts is also a priority. In summary, STARaCom will brand itself and Quebec as a hub of world-class ICT research.