The following describes STARaCom HQP demographics: 183/32% M.Sc./M.Eng., 349/61% Ph.D., 40/7% PDFs. This demographic indicates several things. Firstly, and as stated above in Section 3.1, ICT problems are complex and require long-term commitments to achieve impactful solutions. This is why Professors currently supervise 349 Ph.D. students; the Ph.D. program has the right temporal features (it’s long). Secondly, the number of PDFs is low because STARaCom Ph.D. graduates are being hired into academia and industry directly, indicating that their training is topical and complete. The low numbers of PDFs has taught us that the demand for Ph.D.’s is intense. Masters students represent the third ingredient in the profile. They are charged with performing applied, and often very industry facing work requiring the quick production of results. In M2, the HQP and demographics won’t change significantly.