2020 Annual Meeting

December 17, 2020

STARaCom held its Annual General Meeting virtually on Thursday, December 17, 2020.

The agenda featured live presentations from three guest speakers, interspersed with brief recorded presentations from some of our members, highlighting their research projects.

The event was open to all, and it was attended especially by STARaCom professors and their research team (students and postdoctoral fellows).


Rached Agwil

Voltage Doubler Rectenna for Broadband Power Harvesting Applications

Naresh K. Darimireddy

Some Investigations on Low-profile Wideband, Multiband,and Dual-sense Polarized Microwave Antennas

Leonardo Gouvea Fortaleza

Narrowband Microwave Breast Cancer Detection with Flexible Antenna Array

Hamed Hojatian

RSSI-Based Hybrid Beamforming Design with Deep Learning

Hao Li

Efficient Detection Scheme for Physical-layer Network Coding in Multiway Relay Channels

Srinaga Nikhil Nallandhigal

Low Noise and Small-Sized Receiver with Unified Circuit Antenna Integration